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The General Store v11.0

The General Store Retail Management System Version 11.0 (TGS v11.0) is now available and ready to ship. All merchants who are currently within their initial free maintenance period, or who are covered under a General Store maintenance contract are entitled to the new version.

EMV and Analytics

The main thrust behind TGS v11.0 revolves around the many EMV updates that still continue to occur in the payments industry. TGS v11.0 is also the precursor to new phone and tablet based analytics that we will be releasing later this year on both Android and Apple iOS platforms.

New Features

  • Cayan Payment Processing interface utilizing Genius (EMV)
     Cayan Logo
  • PayGuardian Payment Processing interface (EMV) via BridgePay 
  • Support for additional processors and devices via our DataCap NETePay payment processing interface, including Heartland and the Ingenico IPP320 and ISC250 devices for Heartland and Vantiv.
  • Enhanced Line editing in classic mode point of sale screen. Select any line during a sale and change its price, quantity, or discount. Or, you can delete the item from the sale, or skip the update entirely (also part of our Tablet/Touchscreen mode POS screen).
  • Support for LCD pole displays or secondary monitors at point of sale with enhanced line item details and marketing messages for your customers
    TGS v11.0 second monitor 1 TGS v11.0 second monitor 2
  • Enhanced cash drawer reporting at point of sale and at store closing.
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Support For Non-EMV Payment Processing Interfaces Ends with Version 11

At this point, you really should be processing EMV chip cards in your store. You will not be able to install The General Store version 11.0 if you are still using one of the non-EMV payment processing interfaces found in TGS v10 and earlier.

These older, Non-EMV interfaces include:

  • PC Charge. Verifone ended support for this software years ago, but there are still merchants out there who are using it. If you are still using it, you need to replace it immediately with one of the new EMV processing solutions we provide.
  • Mercury under the old DSIClient interface. Current Mercury/Vantiv merchants using the new NETePay interface with EMV are OK.
  • Sterling under the old DSIClient interface. Current Sterling merchants using the new NETePay interface with EMV are OK.
  • Worldpay under the old DSIClient interface. Current Worldpay merchants using the new NETePay interface with EMV, or the FirstMile interface with EMV are OK.
  • PPI. If you are using the old PayPros interface, then you must upgrade to te new OpenEdge/XCharge EMV interface to move forward with TGS version 11.0

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If you are unsure as to whether you are running an EMV payment processing solution in your store, or you are unsure as to how to upgrade from your legacy processing solution, please contact our sales department today at 800.678.4535, or by email at You may also contact technical support at 863.616.1211 or by email at

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