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Star Cloud Services Connects TGS to the Cloud

Turn your current Star printer into a cloud-connected device!

If you currently use Star TSP100 series printers, then Star Cloud Services, a subsidiary of Star Micronics, can easily transform shopping receipts generated by The General Store into valuable marketing messages by way of its digital services.

Free Cloud Services Offered

By turning your current Star printer into a cloud-connected device, Star Cloud Services allows you to access valuable services for FREE:

  • Device Management – Real-time status updates, such as an open cash drawer or if the printer is out of paper, across the installed base of Star Micronics printers.
  • Customer Survey – Receive real-time feedback from customers on their in-store experience.
  • Engage NOW – Easily connect with customers to provide promotions, discounts, new arrivals, coupons, and important information.
  • Receipt Flip – Deliver full color 2 sided digital receipts directly to your shoppers phones.


In addition. By use of the data facilitation service, Star Cloud and the general store are planning many other features such as “anywhere, anytime, any device” analytics in the cloud!


If you’d like to learn more about the value of receipts, printed and digital, please check out the following link:

Star Micronics AllReceipts

In Summary…
It’s that simple. By simply updating the driver on your POS system,  Star has bridged the gap between printed and digital receipts, providing a wealth of cloud services in the process.
By taking advantage of the solutions Star Cloud Services offers, you, as a General Store user, can now arm yourself with the tools to position your business as a leader in retail – regardless of how big you are.

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