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The General Store Vendor Management Software

Better Manage Your Vendor Relationships

Your retail business has a lot of different moving parts, which tend to get more complicated as you grow more and more successful. Outsourcing services to different outside vendors allows you to focus on your core business functions and operate more efficiently, increasing your retail bottom line.


That being said, without the proper management of these vendors, your retail business can easily lose track of purchase orders, invoices, and deadlines. The General Store created a comprehensive vendor management software solution to keep track of your vendor relations, all from one centralized system.

Vendor Management Software Benefits


With continual tracking and visibility, retailers have a closer look into their vendor relationships. This allows for performance to be tracked and problems to be spotted and resolved more quickly. Having greater clarity of vendor services and feedback increases the retailer/vendor relationship, creating stronger, mutually beneficial business partnerships.


The General Store understands how valuable your time is. That’s why we’ve created a central system for all of your vendor relations needs. No more searching for purchase orders, sorting through paperwork, or missing invoices. Everything you need is kept in one convenient hub, so you can access the information you need, right when you need it.


With our vendor management software, retailers receive the visibility and control they need to have a better pulse on their business operations. Keep track of payments, reports, and more for a peace of mind knowing that your outsourced vendors are under control. Additionally, payments are streamlined and secure, ensuring contractual compliance year-round.

Vendor Management Software Features

Lite Standard Plus!
Maintains data on serialized items for floor planning and warranties
Fully integrated into inventory purchase order and receiving modules
Stock status, Sales, Movement and Velocity reporting by vendor, and/or department, category, and subcategory within a vendor
Complete vendor entry and list and label support
EDI available for grocery, convenience, and hardware stores
Complete check writing facility
Open to pay register
Terms and discounting support
Total invoice control with double pay protection
Integration to general ledger
Vendor history reporting
Pay bills by check or credit card with complete tracking

Increase Sales.
Lower Overhead.

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