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Maximize Your Employees’ Potential

Your employees are one of the main driving forces behind your business’s success, which is why the proper workforce management is crucial in today’s retail environment. Without the right tools in place, retailers can quickly lose sight of things like timesheets, scheduling, and employee productivity.

The General Store’s retail labor management software gives retailers the control and visibility they need to maximize the performance of their labor force. With just a click of a button, retail owners can pull up individual sales reports, time cards, and employee records to ensure every staff member is meeting goals, and that labor is optimized to meet demand forecasting.

So say goodbye to your old punch cards and dusty filing cabinets and hello to automated, streamlined employee management. Upgrade your store with The General Store’s retail labor management software and take back control of your labor management.

Business Benefits


Retail managers can’t provide the proper feedback if they don’t know how their employees are performing. Our retail labor management software gives you the detailed information you need to set goals, give evaluations, and adequately motivate your team.


Keeping track of employee records and data has never been easier. From time cards and attendance to individual profit contribution, our software gives retailers the visibility they need for proper management and control.


Keeping your data, money, and assets safe has never been more important. Our retail labor management solution allows retailers to control system privileges throughout all of your store locations, and aids in reducing the risk of employee theft.

Retail Labor Management Features

Lite Standard Plus!
Full Commission Tracking with split capabilities at POS
Complete employee reporting including sales, profit and profit contribution
POS and backoffice activity auditing down to the inventory item level
Set Each Employee’s System Privileges across entire chain of stores
Time Clock included with complete time reporting
Print Barcoded Employee I.D. Cards

Increase Sales.
Lower Overhead.

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