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Retail Inventory Management

The General Store Retail Inventory Management

Manage Inventory to Maximize Efficiency

As a retailer, your inventory is one of your biggest investments. To truly maximize the ROI of your investment, retail businesses need the proper inventory management. Without it, retail owners can quickly lose control of their stock and fulfillment processes, losing out on both customers and profits. Luckily, The General Store designed an inventory software solution for busy business owners looking to boost their bottom line.


Our multi-store ready software not only helps to streamline operations and avoid inventory imbalances; it allows you to make improved business decisions. Whether you need assistance tracking your stock, sales reporting, or multi-unit pricing, our retail inventory management program will give you the clarity and efficiency you need to run a better business.

Benefits of Our Retail Inventory Management Software


Say goodbye to overstocks and stockouts, and hello to inventory precision. With our software, you’ll always have the ideal balance of stock for your business, so you’ll never miss out on missed sales again. With the right products on the shelves at the right time, your customers- and your bottom line- will thank you.


With our inventory management software, your customers will never have to wonder if their favorite products will be out of stock. Gain a reliable reputation with your customers by always having your inventory under control. Not only that, proper inventory management means your fulfillment will be faster, returns will be easier, and pricing will be consistent across all retail channels.


Trying to manage inventory by hand is a monotonous task that naturally results in human error. Instead of giving the assignment to your employees, streamline the process with our retail inventory management software. Our solution eliminates the need for manual work, freeing up your employees’ time to handle more important things. More productive employees = a more profitable business.

Retail Inventory Management Features

Lite Standard Plus!
Complete movement control and reporting for all retail, including apparel
Multiple pricing levels – (10), Mix-N-Match Discounting
Multi-unit pricing 3/$1 .00, etc.
Mills pricing support-fractional cents such as $1 .299
Automatic calculation of selling prices by cost markup and/or profit margins at all times
Mass cost/price change facility by department, category, vendor
Pending price change facility for setting future sale and promotional event
Integrated purchase orders with suggested order – directly interfaced to receiving
Parts explosion supporting multiple items sold as a consolidated unit or kit
Item Specific instruction, return, and warranty requirements
Price label generation with bar-code printing capabilities included
Multiple Vendors – 5 per item
Unlimited number of items
Stock status reporting by vendor, department and category with quick “hot list” of reorder status items
Sales reporting by vendor, department, category, and/or subcategory for any time frame including contribution to total store profit at each level
Sales velocity reporting, high to low, units or dollars, top 10, 25, 50, or 100
Total item movement reporting by vendor, department and category
All inventory reports export to Excel
Item movement audits by employee for both POS and back office activity
Support for handheld data collectors for mobile inventory adjustments, purchase orders, receiving, price changes, bin setting and transfers
Built in barcode printing and device support with automatic label spooling in inventory maintenance, receiving, and price changes
Auto-Item number creation for items without a UPC code
Complete vendor entry and list and label support
Multi-Store Ready
Maintains data on serialized items for floor planning and warranties

Increase Sales.
Lower Overhead.

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