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Point of Sale

The General Store offers a powerful solution for managing your point of sale transactions. Our system is both formidable and flexible and provides an array of in-store sales, inventory management, and customer loyalty options to suit your store’s unique needs.

Lite Standard Plus!
Dynamic update of item sales and inventory data
Dynamic unit to carton to case inventory management
Discounts by percentage and/or multiple prices
Bar-Code Scanning, Optional Touch Screen Interface
Fast, easy Item Inquiry before and/or during sale
Access items by item number, vendor’s order number, alternate number, or description
Add new items at POS
Automatic “On Sale” price management
PADSS certified credit card authorization with draft captures
Split Tender Price quotes
Prints invoices and paper tape receipts
Cash drawer management and reporting
Salesperson tracking
Complete tax calculation and recording
X and Z Reporting
Paid Outs
Gift Cards
Electronic scale and deli scale support
Process kit items
Tag Along the sale of deposits on items such as soda, beer, kegs
Track sales of apparel items by size
Manufacturer’s coupon processing
Item specific suggested add-on sales pop-ups
Item specific clerk message/sales script pop-ups
Track sales of serialized items
Sales tracking by customer
Customer Loyalty
Customer lookup by name or number
Mailing list management and lookup
Complete Layaway
Customer Referral Support
Support for handheld data collectors for mobile POS
Journal entry creation and integration to accounting module
Dynamic accounts receivable updating
Credit Limit checking on A/R charge accounts
Payments on A/R charge accounts with printed receipts*

Integrated Payments

The General Store provides seamless, integrated credit, debit and EBT payments via a number of best-in-breed processing partners, including Vantiv (formerly Mercury Payments), OpenEdge, Worldpay, Signature Processing, and Cayan. And, if you are happy with your current payment processing provider, and do not wish to switch, the General Store also provides seamless integration to virtually all payment processors in North America via NETePay software from DataCap Systems, Inc. A variety of payment terminal hardware solutions are available, and our team can help you select the option that will work well for your business.

Seamless Integration to
Payment Processors

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Hardware Options

POS Bundles

POS Bundles

POS Devices

POS Devices

Mobile Tools

Mobile Tools


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