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Customer Management

The General Store Customer Management Software

Keep Your Customers Coming Back

As the retail industry evolves, your customers’ expectations for your brand continue to rise. More and more consumers are expecting retailers to deliver new, exciting, and personalized experiences across all stages of the shopping process. The retail atmosphere has never been more competitive, and without the right measures in place, businesses could start to lose their best customers to the opponent down the street.


To increase customer loyalty, retailers need the proper customer management software that will assist them in attracting, engaging, and retaining both new and returning customers. The General Store offers a comprehensive customer management solution that not only keeps your customers interested, but keeps them coming back.

From customer reporting to loyalty programs and rewards, simplify your customer management with The General Store software.

Benefits of a Customer Management System


Consumers love to feel valued, and with The General Store’s software, you can give them just that. Collect sales and behavior history to get to know your shoppers better, and then customize your mail and email marketing accordingly. Acknowledging and rewarding your shoppers strengthens your relationships, keeping them loyal for the long-run.


In the retail industry, happier customers tend to spend more money. Customer management software allows your business to deliver an exceptional customer experience and personalized marketing messaging, significantly increasing both repeat business and your average ticket size.


With our software, retailers are able to better generate and analyze consumer reports to discover the behaviors and trends of their target market. Our loyalty, gift card, and referral programs also encourage existing customers to bring friends and family into your store, reaching a greater number of customers than ever before.

Customer Management Features

Lite Standard Plus!
Customer sales tracking and reporting
Customer list and labels supporting multiple selection criteria, including export
Customizable discount levels
Customizable customer classification for direct mail/email marketing
Built-in Customer Loyalty and Customer Referral programs
Standing Order Creation (RYO for example)
Full accounts receivable support with statements and aged receivables
Concurrent balance forward and open item receivable methods
Recurring billing facility

Increase Sales.
Lower Overhead.

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