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Block-Chain Technology and The General Store

Announcing BlockChyp: The General Store’s Newest Processing Partner

BlockChyp block chain technology payment processing

We are proud to announce our newest EMV payment processing integration, BlockChyp, which uses block-chain technology to safely and securely process transactions.

Easy Setup, a Powerful Merchant Portal, and Lightning Fast Transaction Speeds Make BlockChyp an Easy Choice

BlockChyp uses the Equinox Payment’s Luxe line of PCI 5.x certified payment terminals, which extend the ability for merchants to easily push ads, videos, surveys and other customer-engagement features directly to the terminals via BlockChyp’s secure merchant portal, eliminating the reliance on third-party service delivery platforms. Check out our BlockChyp video demonstration below:

In Summary…

Through our many “out of scope” processing solutions, we provide an abundance of options when it comes to processing payments in the General Store. Our new BlockChyp option is “hands down” the cleanest, quickest, and easiest to support solution we offer. The Equinox terminals also add an elegant and professional look to your store, especially when you add your own logos, graphics and videos via the intuitive merchant portal. Contact us today or call 800-678-4535 for more information and a free statement analysis.

As always, we greatly appreciate your business and value you as a General Store customer.


Robert Crichlow
Crichlow Data Sciences, Inc.


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