EVO-TP4 All-In-One BundleEvoTgsBndl

Boasting high performance Celeron®, Pentium®, Core i3®, Core i5®, and Core i7® processors in an IP54 rated design, the EVO TP4 POS Terminal offers a performance level to meet the demands of every POS application.

IP54 Rating
The EVO TP4 has earned an IP54 International Protection Rating. Resistant to internal dust build up as well as splashing water, the TP4 has been built to withstand environments where non-IP rated hardware would eventually fail.

Die-Cast Aluminum Alloy Frame
The EVO TP4 POS Terminal features enterprise-class build quality and is built to last. The ultra-rigid die-cast aluminum alloy frame extends from the body through the stand, providing smooth bump-free touch operation.

  • Celeron, Pentium, Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 processor options
  • 5-wire resistive OR projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreen
  • 15″ TruFlat surface is resistant to dust and food build-up with its easy-to-clean zero bezel design
  • Built in cable management keeps cords out of sight
  • EZHD Slot makes for quick HDD or SSD replacement
  • IP54 Rating – Resistant to dust buildup and splashing water
  • Die-cast aluminum alloy frame provides bump-free operation
  • 3-Year Warranty includes 2-Day Advance Exchange Protection
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The EVO-TP4 bundle includes the EVO-TP4 , receipt printer, cash drawer, integrated customer display, laser barcode scanner and the General Store, installed and configured.

Request additional information.  sales@thegeneralstore.com  1.800.678.4535

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