The Host Store is the ideal software package for those businesses with more than one store location that need consolidation of sales, inventory, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and general ledger data. Stores communicate with each other via the Internet using file transfer protocol (FTP). Remote store inventory maintenance, customer maintenance, gift card and loyalty balances can be set to update corporate on a schedule of intervals as low as every 5 minutes. Updating corporate to the remote stores can be set on the same schedule. Daily sales, profit, and accounting numbers from the remote store are updated at your corporate location daily at store closing. A high speed Internet connection is required at each location.

Lite Std Plus!
GrayBullet Built-In, bulletproof communications between locations CHECKBullet CHECKBullet CHECKBullet
GrayBullet Consolidation of daily sales, profit  and inventory data from remote stores CHECKBullet CHECKBullet CHECKBullet
GrayBullet Centralized inventory creation and maintenance for all stores CHECKBullet CHECKBullet CHECKBullet
GrayBullet Inter-Store inventory transfers CHECKBullet CHECKBullet CHECKBullet
GrayBullet Inventory sales, movement, and stock status reporting by store, select stores, or the entire chain of stores CHECKBullet CHECKBullet CHECKBullet
GrayBullet Item inquiry at any location with onhand quantities for every store CHECKBullet CHECKBullet CHECKBullet
GrayBullet Centralized employee maintenance with consolidated time reporting CHECKBullet CHECKBullet CHECKBullet
GrayBullet Automatic consolidation of customer accounts from remote stores CHECKBullet CHECKBullet
GrayBullet Automatic update of gift card, customer loyalty, and customer referral balances chainwide CHECKBullet CHECKBullet
GrayBullet Optional consolidation of all remote store accounts receivable billing and maintenance CHECKBullet
GrayBullet Optional consolidated accounts payable processing for entire chain CHECKBullet
GrayBullet Consolidated general ledger and financial statements for entire chain CHECKBullet

Request additional information.  1.800.678.4535

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