Your customers are your lifeblood! The General Store gives you the tools you need to manage crucial customer information and keep your customers coming back!

Lite Std Plus!
GrayBullet Customer sales tracking and reporting CHECKBullet CHECKBullet
GrayBullet Customer list and labels supporting multiple selection criteria, including export CHECKBullet CHECKBullet
GrayBullet Customizable discount levels CHECKBullet CHECKBullet
GrayBullet Customizable customer classification for direct mail/email marketing CHECKBullet CHECKBullet
GrayBullet Built-in Customer Loyalty and Customer Referral programs CHECKBullet CHECKBullet
GrayBullet Standing Order Creation (RYO for example) CHECKBullet CHECKBullet
GrayBullet Full accounts receivable support with statements and aged receivables CHECKBullet
GrayBullet Concurrent balance forward and open item receivable methods CHECKBullet
GrayBullet Recurring billing facility CHECKBullet

Request additional information.  1.800.678.4535

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