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The General Store Now Supports Cayan

We are pleased to announce that the General Store is fully integrated with the Cayan Genius platform.

Genius is yet another option provided for integrated, EMV supported payment processing in the General Store that provides you flexibility and leverage when …

OpenEdge EMV Payment Processing and The General Store

Formerly known as PayPros, or PPI, OpenEdge is the technology innovation division of Global Payments, a processor providing payment processing to roughly 2 million merchants in 29 countries.
OpenEdge, a preferred General Store partner, provides seamless EMV payment processing integration …

Datacap NETePay and The General Store

As many of you are already aware, we have selected Datacap NETePay as our “processor-agnostic” middle-ware solution for merchants wishing to process payments in The General Store via their own processor (First Data, Sterling, Elavon, EVO, etc.).

Current List of

When are PCI Fees a good thing?

Many of you probably frown when you see a PCI compliance fee on the monthly merchant statement you receive from your payment processing company. But this fee may actually be a good thing depending on what the fee actually entails.…

PayPal, NFC, and The General Store

Presented by Mercury Payments.


In the coming months, PayPal is conducting a pilot regarding merchant acceptance of PayPal mobile payments via near field communication (NFC). For dealers and developers, this means select Mercury merchants will be participating in the PayPal …

Payment Processing – EMV and the Liability Shift

In the payment card industry, and tech in general, change is constant. In the case of of the current hot button, EMV, it remains to be seen whether change is good or not . But nonetheless, we are stuck with …

VeriFone Announces End Of Life for PCCharge

On April 6th, 2015 Verifone announced to their partners that they will halt development, sales, and support of their computer-based credit card processing solution PCCharge in stages, beginning immediately and culminating in the coming months. Verifone cites the changing payments …

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