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EMV Solutions: Signature Processing

For over 20 years, Signature Processing has been helping General Store customers with their payment processing needs through fantastic pricing and outstanding technical support. Take a look at the video below to see this integrated payments solution in action!
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TGS Tech Tip – Close-the-Store

Many of you already know how to “close-the-store” each day. However, a surprising number of TGS users neglect to do it. So, here is a short YouTube video outlining the procedures for closing the store each day in the General Store. After watching the video, you will find that closing the

TGS Tech Tip – Open-the-Store

Intended for New Users and Experienced Users Alike

To properly open-the-store, first open the General Store back office. Then open the point of sale module on each register workstation. It’s that simple! Here is a short YouTube video demonstrates the correct daily opening procedures in th

The General Store v11.0

The General Store Retail Management System Version 11.0 (TGS v11.0) is now available and ready to ship. All merchants who are currently within their initial free maintenance period, or who are covered under a General Store maintenance contract are entitled to the new version.

EMV and Analytics


The General Store Now Supports Cayan

We are pleased to announce availability of the General Store Cayan Genius Interface for fully integrated, EMV supported payment processing. Once again, the General Store provides you flexibility and leverage when dealing with the multitude of processing companies that knock on your door each w

Buy-Downs For Tobacco Stores

Do you sell tobacco products in your store? Then you are probably familiar with a form of discounting known as buy-downs.

Buy-Down Utilities in The General Store

The General Store supports this type of discounting and provides two utilities for creating
and monitoring manufacturers’ buy-

Star Cloud Services Connects TGS to the Cloud

Turn your current Star printer into a cloud-connected device!

If you currently use Star TSP100 series printers, then Star Cloud Services, a subsidiary of Star Micronics, can easily transform shopping receipts generated by The General Store into valuable marketing messages by way of its digital

Tech Tip: The Dreaded 161 Error

Simply apply your Actian or Pervasive license key

Your Actian/Pervasive database software was shipped with at least one license key, called the base license key. The license key sticker is typically affixed to the DVD case that your software was shipped in.  You can only run 30 days withou

Should You Upgrade To Windows 10?

Legacy hardware installed? Don’t Upgrade to Windows 10 Yet!

To upgrade to Windows 10 or not to upgrade to Windows 10? That is the question. Although the General Store runs perfectly fine under the Windows 10 operating environment, if you currently have older, legacy POS hardware installed o

The General Store OpenEdge EMV Payment Processing Interface

The General Store now includes an OpenEdge EMV Payment Processing interface. Formerly known as PayPros, or PPI, OpenEdge is the technology innovation division of Global Payments, a processor providing payment processing to roughly 2 million merchants in 29 countries.
OpenEdge, a preferr

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