The General Store Now Supports Cayan

We are pleased to announce that the General Store is fully integrated with the Cayan Genius platform.

Genius is yet another option provided for integrated, EMV supported payment processing in the General Store that provides you flexibility and leverage when dealing with the multitude of processing companies that knock on your door each week.

Genius has an aesthetically pleasing form factor and a highly attractive customer interface. But most importantly, Genius allows customers to pay how they want, where they want, and be on their way quickly through its lightning-fast chip card transactions. You’ll be ready to say “yes” to any and all customer payment requests, because Genius supports: credit, debit, EMV/chip cards, gift cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Level Up, industry-specific payment types like HSA and FSA cards, and more.

Key Features

  • Process EMV/chip card transactions in under 4 seconds
  • Process all payment types: Credit, debit, chip cards, gift cards, mobile payments and industry-specific payment types like HSA and FSA cards
  • Increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve charge-back handling by digitally
    capturing and storing customer signatures.
  • Receive automatic updates via the cloud to every device – no new code to write, no hardware to adjust, no hassles.

If you are interested in processing payments through Cayan, give us a call at 800.678.4535, or by email at


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