The Dreaded 161 Error

Simply apply your Actian or Pervasive license key

Your Actian/Pervasive database software was shipped with at least one license key, called the base license key. The license key sticker is typically affixed to the DVD case that your software was shipped in.  You can only run 30 days without a license key.


If you cannot find your DVD case, contact you account manager, or General Store technical support to get your license key information.

Additionally, if you are running the General Store on more than one workstation, you also received one or more user count increase keys (UCI licenses).

  • NOTE: Your actual database software may be named Pervasive if the PSQL version is 11 or an earlier release. The product name changed to Actian with the release of PSQL version 12. If this is the case, you can follow the same steps below, simply substituting “Pervasive” for “Actian”.

To apply the licenses, click Start, All Programs, Actian PSQL12, Utilities, PSQL License Administrator.


Then enter your base license key and click the Authorize button.


You should get a screen showing a successful authorization.


  • NOTE: Base user key licenses come in 1, 3, and 5 user increments.
    Once the key has been applied and registered, you will see the product authorization notice showing the remaining authorizations available for this license (for example, if you have to replace the computer for any reason).

Click OK, and enter any additional UCI licenses you may have.


When all licenses have been applied, click Close to exit the utility.

Then give The General Store another try on the server first, and then any additional workstations.

If you are running on a network, and you still get the error on the workstations…

In rare cases on networked systems, you may still get the 161 error on the workstations after applying the licenses on the server. If this is the case, you can connect  to the server license(s) on each workstation via the license administrator.

To connect to the Actian licenses you authorized on the server, click Start, All Programs, Actian PSQL12, Utilities, PSQL License Administrator.


Then click browse.


Locate the machine name you wish to connect to and click ok.

You will then see the server machine name listed. Click “Connect”. Once you see the authorized licenses listed, click “Close”.


That’s it. Repeat these steps on any other workstations on which you have installed Actian PSQL Workgroup.


2 thoughts on “The Dreaded 161 Error

  1. We’re using PSQL 11. Are you saying from this date forward, any new TGS DVD will install Version 12; therefore necessitating the license key update referred to your note?

    Can we stay on version 11 and still update TGS or, is there no option to do that.

    Mark Fenno Sent from my iPad



    1. The database component (Actian/Pervasive) is shipped/installed separately, so you can stay on Pervasive 11 for what I imagine will be a pretty good while. Java updates may be a deciding factor down the road. For example, once Java got in the version 7 range, Pervasive 10 ran into issues, especially when running the control center. This took a couple of years though.


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