OpenEdge EMV Payment Processing and The General Store

Formerly known as PayPros, or PPI, OpenEdge is the technology innovation division of Global Payments, a processor providing payment processing to roughly 2 million merchants in 29 countries.
OpenEdge, a preferred General Store partner, provides seamless EMV payment processing integration to the General Store via its XCharge software platform and the ISC250 payment terminal from Ingenico. To see it in action, take a look at the following video:

Watch on Youtube: The General Store and OpenEdge at POS

If you are currently processing through OpenEdge, but have not made the EMV switch, or are simply interested in processing through OpenEdge contact:

2 thoughts on “OpenEdge EMV Payment Processing and The General Store

    1. Currently, the only processing partner I have that had PayPal “in the works” is Vantiv (formerly Mercury Payments). However, it is entirely possible that your current processor is capable of accepting PayPal as well, so it would be worth a call to them to inquire.

      The following blog post describes how it would work under Vantiv/Mercury:

      I will follow up with Vantiv to see where they are at with this and get back to you.

      Rob Crichlow


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