PayPal, NFC, and The General Store

Presented by Mercury Payments.


In the coming months, PayPal is conducting a pilot regarding merchant acceptance of PayPal mobile payments via near field communication (NFC). For dealers and developers, this means select Mercury merchants will be participating in the PayPal pilot. General availability for merchants to accept PayPal mobile payments via NFC is not anticipated until mid-Q4 2015.

Below you will find details for in-store acceptance of PayPal mobile payments when processing with Mercury:

VeriFone VX805
VeriFone VX805


To enable PayPal mobile payments in-store, the merchant POS device must be capable of accepting NFC payment technology.  Many businesses have recently updated their payment terminals in support of new EMV chip card technology.  The vast majority of these terminals will also support NFC mobile payments.

Ingenico ISC250
Ingenico ISC250

For merchants processing with Mercury, The General Store is set up to accept PayPal via NFC on the Verifone VX805 and the Ingenico ISC250.

No additional software: 

When processing with Mercury, you only need to enable your NFC payment device in order to accept PayPal mobile payments

Aggregated Settlement: 

PayPal in-store transactions process like other payment card transactions, settling in aggregate with other card brands.  Transactions appear on the merchant’s monthly statement from Mercury.


PayPal in-store transactions follow the same account pricing as your current Discover card transactions.  There are no additional fees from Mercury.

Merchant Notification:

All eligible Mercury merchants have been sent a letter informing them of their ability to accept PayPal mobile payments via NFC.  Per the letter, each merchant maintains the right to opt-out in the future.

Should you have additional questions regarding Mercury Payments and PayPal mobile in-store payment acceptance, please contact your Mercury representative.

Other Processors

If you are not currently processing with Mercury, contact your processor, re-seller, or General Store account representative for processor-specific requirements and details for PayPal mobile in-store payment acceptance.

 In Summary…

The payments industry has evolved greatly over the past few years, especially in the area of mobile payments. In fact, in an April 27, 2015 article by Ryan Boden of NFC World+, Ryan notes that PayPal has “recorded a 40% year-over-year growth in mobile payment transactions”(
So we are excited to be able to offer the ability to process PayPal mobile payments when the option becomes available at the end of the year.

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